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Removable dental prostheses

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We offer a full spectrum of removable prostheses, complete or partial; precision braces on dental implants or natural teeth. A full prosthesis (or denture) replaces all missing natural teeth at the top or bottom.

If you lose a tooth, you usually have to replace it with a dental prosthesis to prevent the neighboring teeth from changing position.

Taking care of dentures

It is equally important to care for dental prostheses as for natural teeth.
Brush them every day. Plaque and tartar build up on prostheses just as easily as on natural teeth.
Brush your teeth and gums with a soft brush. Clean your teeth thoroughly and rub your gums. If the toothbrush irritates you, run it under warm water to soften it OR try a clean damp cloth wrapped around your finger.
Soak dentures in a warm solution of half water and half white vinegar or denture cleaner. This will soften the plaque and tartar, which will be easier to remove by brushing. If dentures have metal brackets, only soak them in warm water.

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