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Pulp healthiness

Vital Pulp Therapy

When a decay is very deep and in close proximity to the pulp, the pulp can be irritated and inflammation can occur. This situation can be irreversible and may require a root canal.
Nevertheless, in some situations, the pulp can still be saved thanks to a new advance in dentistry: Pulp Vitality Maintenance Therapy.
Vital pulp therapy 1
This is an approach that Dr. Montazeri masters and recommends whenever possible because it allows to keep the vital tooth and avoid a root canal. This new technique allows for regeneration or repair of the pulp tissue! To perform this treatment, Dr. Montazeri uses a very rigorous protocol and state-of-the-art biocompatible materials (bioceramics) whose benefits for the pulp are currently applauded by many researchers around the world.

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