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Dental implants and surgery

Dental implants and surgery

Dental implant surgery may require bone shaping, grafts or guided bone regeneration.

Dental implants are used to hold bridges and dentures in place. To do this, the dentist inserts a metal post into the jawbone. However, your gums and bone base need to be healthy to support it.

As time goes by, the implant becomes part of the surrounding bone structure. The implant forms a solid base to receive one or more crowns or other prosthesis.

At Au Fil Des Dents Dental Center, we use the most up-to-date surgical techniques in implantology, which significantly improves the results while making the work easier.

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Taking care of dental implants

The dental implant incorporated into the bone can be treated in much the same way as a natural tooth. However, it is more delicate at the gum line, so extra care should be taken when cleaning it with a brush and dental floss. Carefully floss at least once a day, paying special attention to the junction of the implant and the gum.
If you have dental prostheses, regular check-ups by your dentist will ensure that the prostheses are still fitting properly.
If you have a dental bridge or implants, the examination will let us know if you are taking good care of them.
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Dental technician at work
Dental technician at work


People with dental implants are just as prone to gum disease as anyone else. If your natural teeth and gums are affected, your partial (or removable) dentures/prothesis will no longer fit firmly.

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