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Complete dental check-up

Full oral examination

Our mission is to offer you honest and comprehensive advice. Our expertise in traditional dentistry and global health allows us to have a complete overview and to provide you with more tools, including a wide variety of biocompatible materials (i.e. compatible with human biology). We also perform functional dentistry, which includes dental occlusion.
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The first consultation

It all starts with a proper examination, good planning and counseling. To get a full picture of your dental and oral health, it is important for us to perform a thorough examination of all the surfaces of your teeth, gums, jawbones, mouth and the inside of your teeth.

We must also understand the lifestyle habits that affect your teeth and the history of your mouth in order to give you the right advice for a complete picture. In order to formulate a treatment plan that includes all the necessary oral procedures, we recommend the following evaluation steps to come up with an accurate diagnosis:

Sophisticated dental assessment procedures:

We will compile your medical and dental history.
We will talk about your dental goals, what is important to you, i.e. concerns, problems, aspirations, etc.
We will perform a x-ray examination: digital intra-oral and panoramic x-rays (this reduces your exposure to radiation by almost 70% compared to traditional devices), to detect cavities between teeth and to see the condition of the dental bone. If you have x-rays taken less than a year ago, it would be helpful to bring them with you.
We will examine the mouth and surrounding structures using 4.5x magnification lenses. This will allow us to check for the possibility of abnormalities.
In order to verify the proper positioning of the teeth, we will make an oral impression if necessary for a possible mounting on an adjustable articulator.
If required, we will take digitized pictures.
We will connect with your other health care professionals as needed, and refer you to specialists if necessary.
We will advise you of any additional diagnostic procedures or consultations that are required.
We will discuss everything taking into account your priorities and your budget.

The mouth examination covers four areas:

01. Periodontics:
Inspection of the gums and surrounding bones to verify their condition.
02. Biomechanical inspection:
Examination of the entire tooth structure for cavities, visually and with the help of an X-ray, to identify defective repairs, broken teeth and so on.
03. The functional examination:
Examination of the occlusion, i.e. the way your teeth close together, as well as the state of the jaw joint.
04. The dentofacial examination:
Observation of the dental harmony, the shape of the face, the smile and the aesthetics of the dentition.

Recommended treatments:

Our long-term goal is to help you achieve good oral health and a good-looking dental appearance. We will discuss the most suitable treatment plan for you. We will give you advice on hygiene, prevention and different treatment alternatives. If you decide to delay the start of your treatments, we will inform you about the risk factors and expected outcomes.

Refer you as needed

In certain cases, we may recommend a health care professional from another specialty. Some situations may require additional specialized treatment such as:
Orthodontics: correction of the teeth's positioning
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Based on our findings, we will discuss your treatment plan with you. Our goal is to provide you with all the relevant information regarding your dental health so that you can understand the procedures that are needed. It is of utmost importance for us to take the time to listen to you, to understand your vision and values in order to propose the most appropriate treatment options for your needs and aspirations. We want to build a relationship with you based on integrity and trust.

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Your dental health is a top priority for us