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Aesthetics and teeth whitening

Aesthetics and teeth whitening

The aesthetic aspect of your teeth is a very subjective and personal matter. It is influenced by many factors such as: the color of the teeth, the loss of enamel fragments, the space between the teeth, the shape of the teeth according to your face. Aesthetic solutions can include a full range of our services; here we will focus on teeth whitening.

In most cases, the natural shade of teeth varies from grayish to yellow. Teeth naturally darken with age, and the use of tobacco products and the consumption of certain foods or beverages can affect their appearance by causing staining. It should be noted that the perception of tooth color is strongly affected by the surrounding environment, such as the color of the skin and lips, for example.

Since teeth lose some of their natural whiteness as they age, many people want to regain a youthful, bright smile by having their teeth whitened.
We offer a teeth whitening method that aims to bring your teeth back to their original, usually whiter, color. The result will be a bright, aesthetic, well-groomed smile and, hopefully, a newfound confidence.


Here are our top recommendations and an explanation of the process. Before doing any kind of restoration on your visible teeth, you need to whiten them so that the color is uniform.

Prior to teeth whitening in a dental practice:

A comprehensive examination of the state of your teeth, gums and bone around the teeth, bite and articulation (contact of the teeth through the play of the jaw muscles), as well as the overall aesthetics of your smile must first be done to see if this procedure is appropriate for you.
Tooth whitening only works well when it is only the enamel (the top 0.5 to 2 mm layer of the teeth) that is stained and not the dentin (the deeper layer underneath the enamel).
Tooth whitening has a higher success rate when the basal color of the tooth is yellow or brown; it works much less well if it is grayish or purplish.

Our line of natural aesthetic products

Highly suitable due to a comprehensive concept of masses and layering.
Couronnes dentaires images
Remarkable results thanks to refractive and light-reflective properties similar to those of natural enamel.
Dental crowns materials3
Perfectly matched composite materials offer the patient excellent in-mouth comfort thanks to fine-structured and microparticle technologies.
Shade setting, shade communication, shade reproduction and perfect shade control with VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER.

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