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Digital intra-oral and panoramic x-ray images

Digital intra-oral and panoramic x-ray images


Digital X-ray

To be more efficient and improve the overall quality of care, our dental center has invested resources to equip each operating room with an intraoral digital radiology system.

The benefits of digital x-rays:

Reduced X-ray exposure to the patient
Clarity of diagnosis
Excellent imaging
Saves time
Radiographie panoramique et intra-orale numérique 1

High quality images are reassessed by a digital system focused on the patient's needs.
Radiographie panoramique


View with greater clarity on the monitor at the treatment station in each room. Relief or color filters can be used as needed.

The environment is preserved

Digital x-ray does not require any chemicals. It is therefore more eco-friendly than traditional x-ray which demands considerable amounts of film fixer and toner that must be disposed of in the sewer every week.
xray panoramique

Reduced X-ray doses

The dose of a digital panoramic x-ray is less than the natural radiation to which a person flying for half an hour in an airplane at an altitude of 11,000 m is exposed. Intra-orally, it is about ten times less than a D-sensitivity movie.
Doses de rayons X réduites

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