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Welcome to the Au Fil Des Dents dental clinic

Dental health is the outcome of a good relationship between you and your dentist. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment at our dental clinic in Brossard.

Our goal

Our goal is to ensure that you experience the highest quality of preventive and restorative dentistry as we strive to have a positive impact on your quality of life.

Customized treatment

Your dentist will look at all aspects of your oral health to guide you on the path to excellent dental health for years to come.
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Dental Facility Au Fil Des Dents

Your dental health is a top priority for us


What makes us stand out

Our approach

A personalized treatment plan, supported by a highly caring and skilled team, is necessary to provide your mouth with long-term health, vitality, functionality and aesthetics.

Modern technology

New technologies to better serve you. We use state-of-the-art dental equipment to improve diagnosis and treatment quality.

Our team

In our dental practice, each team member puts his or her skills and professionalism to work for you. We strive for excellence, and your first visit to our center will convince you of our uniqueness.

New technologies

The Dental Center "Au Fil Des Dents" allows you to take advantage of the latest technologies to better serve you

Extra and intra-oral digital cameras

A video camera system, connected to a computer screen through an optical fiber, allowing the patient to see in detail the state of his teeth and gums. This system allows us to enlarge the image several times and to save the image if necessary.
radiographie 3D accueil

Why a 3D X-ray digital scanning?

A 3D X-ray allows for a better appreciation of the third dimension that is missing on traditional X-rays; this third dimension is necessary especially in the case of implants because it allows for a thick view of the amount of bone available.
Radiographie panoramique et intra-orale numérique new

Digital panoramic and intra-oral radiography

In an effort to become more efficient and improve the quality of care, our dental facility has invested resources to equip each operating room with an intraoral digital radiology system. The benefits of digital x-rays:
Reduction of the X-ray dose
Clarity of diagnosis
Excellent visualization
Time saving
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What are the benefits of nitrous oxide?

We now have at Au Fil Des Dents Dental Center the most advanced dental relaxation method for children and adults while allowing the patient to remain fully conscious. Nitrous oxide has calming and relaxing properties on the brain.
It operates quickly
The level of sedation can be adjusted
Recovery is swift

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